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This article is under live development - more on this when the venue and date are settled.

The Tribunal Ghosts

There will be a number of "Tribunal Ghosts" moving around - figures in nondescript hooded white robes. They are genius loci of the Tribunal hall, serve no in-game function whatsoever, and can be safely ignored for all non-logistical purposes. They exist as a means for the game organisers to move around without disturbing the game flow. Players may ask any out-of-character or logistical question of the Tribunal Ghosts. If they lurk near a conversation, it is to keep the game team apprised of events on the game floor. They will not report what they hear to other characters. Please ignore them unless you need to ask them a rules or logistical question.

The Overall Shape of Friday Evening

We will have a "soft start" on the Friday evening of the event, with characters entering play as they arrive at the Tribunal site. This is to accomodate travel time and give people an opportunity to arrive, find their space, ask any questions they need to, and and get into costume and headspace before diving in. We'd hope we would reach a critical mass of players by around 8pm Friday evening.

Friday has only a handful of "scheduled" events - a piece of religious ritual, the address by the Notary on covenant standing and vagrancy (which will, perforce, be issued by the Notary wehn the notary is present, good and ready) and a meeting of the College of Archmagi later in the evening.

The intent is that Friday is an opportunity to socialise - several characters will be issuing in-character invitations to soirees and parties - and also to provide characters with an opportunity to conduct any clandestine business "off-site".

Off Site Activity

There will be opportunities to use the Hermes Portal at the Tribunal site once Ovid and Mary have aligned it - this will allow groups of characters to travel to specific locations to undertake short engagements away from the Tribunal, and to return, all within the scope of an hour or so. This may involve a short romp outside, so sensible shoes may be called for. Some covenants may wish to send a few adventurous types off to try and secure a vis source, to better fend off accusations of vagrancy, or others may have clandestine assignations with magi from other places which are better conducted away from prying eyes.

There will be a mechanism for using the portal which will be defined closer to the time, whereby application is made to the Tribunal Ghosts for an appropriate time to make a journey, and they provide a time slot later in the evening (allowing us to co-ordinate the required out of character resources). Some offsites will be run as "black box" experiences, others as actual trips outside, venue permitting.

Time Out

There will not be a formal time out and players are free to talk into the small hours if they desire but there will be no referee presence, and no rules calls, between midnight and 7am Saturday morning, unless by prior arrangement.

The Overall Shape of Saturday

There will be referee cover from 7am, and we'd anticipate that the Portal will be active from around 9am under the same rules as the previous evening.

The Primacies

There will be some activity in the morning around election to vacant Primacies and possibly some fallout from any actions taken the previous evening, but we would hop this will be resolved by around midday.

Motion Papers

The first set of six motion papers needs to be in with the Mercurius by just after Lunch, proposed and seconded.

The Sittings

The Tribunal proper kicks off at 2pm, and we expect there to be either two or three separate sittings over the course of the rest of the evening, influenced by in-play factors, and with gaps of an hour to an hour and a half between them. It is possible some characters may find themselves excluded from the sittings, either temporarily or for the whole sitting, and for those characters there will be activity available outside the sitting - both the Portal and other, more localised issues.

Other characters may choose to absent themselves from sittings voluntarily if there are more pressing matters to attend to.

We would hope all sittings conclude by 11pm, and the College of Archmagi, if it chooses to, will sit again at that point.

As per the previous evening, referee engagement will cease between midnight and 7am.

Being Outside the Sittings - Voting and Sigils

For some magi, the sittings may be a lower priority but they may want their vote to be registered. Each player will be issued with a sigil - this will be a 3d-printed House symbol with their character's name on the obverse. This is the physical representation of their vote, and may be gifted to another magus who will be present in the Tribunal chamber and who may vote with their sigil on therir behalf, provided that magus is from the same covenant.

Veing Inside the Sittings - Voting and Sigils

Make sure you are aware of the powers of the Praeco and Tribunal procedure. Voting, when it happens, involves putting your vote into a bag held by a Quaesitor - one for yes (usually held by Camelliard) and one for no (usually held by Mater Suspirorum). After they have counted sigils, they will be laid out on a table and the tribunal will be invited to collect them.

Sigils are magical devices, and subject to out of character rules.

  • You can't vote with one that has not been freely given
  • You can't take one from the table that's not yours unless you previously voted with it
  • If a magus who gave you a sigil to vote with demands it back, it will return of its own accord, and cannot be denied to them.

Time Out

There will not be a formal time out and players are free to talk into the small hours if they desire but there will be no referee presence, and no rules calls, between midnight and 7am Saturday morning, unless by prior arrangement.

The Overall Shape of Sunday

Early Doors Offsite Business

The last opportunities to conduct any offsite business will be early on Suday, between 8 and 10am.

The Final Sitting

The final sitting of Tribunal will convene around 10-30am, and will be concluded by no later than 2pm - it may be broken into two depending if there had been two or three sessions Saturday.

At 2pm, the Tribunal will take a Vote of Procedure as outlined elsewhere, to determine if the laws of the Greater Alps will be updated to accept the rulings of the Tribunal. If it passes, the Tribunal comes to an end, the Mercurius conducts a short ritual of farewell, and our game is over.

If the vote fails, you'll all have to come back and do it again, or bear the consequences...

In either case, our game should end no later than 3pm Sunday, giving good time for a cooldown, debrief and trip back home.


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