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Our covenant; that we are the sum of the parts and none of them; the first and last and always.
The Covenant of the Icy North is dispersed throughout the southern Alps and, in a sense, exists only as a legal fiction. It was the first attempt, of a newly created Order, to found covenants which had members from more than one House.

The passionate divisions and ungovernable, contested vis claims between the motherhouse and the various chapterhouses which rose and fell in those early days are legend, and came to an enflamed head 200 years ago.

Just before the Tribunal was forced to intercede, an accord was reached that the motherhouse would collect all vis, and the most prominent Quaesitori in residence would apportion it to the chapterhouses as seen fit. This arrangement then spread through the Tribunal, to minimise conflict over unclaimed sources.

The system, known as The Bavarian Common, also covers the cost of several chairs; for the Quaesitor and a hoplite to maintain the accord, the Notary and the Tribunal officers.

The Covenant sustains as a loose affiliation of autonomous chapters. Read more about Icy North here.

Chapterhouse: The Motherhouse

The great stone halls of the Motherhouse, once home to both the Tribunal Chambers and the Halls of Justice for the Greater Alps, now ring empty and lie in partial ruin. The Magi of the Alps value their privacy and, with the exception of The Ends of the Earth, would always request the Tribunal be held here. But with the events of 1312, favour swung to the Ends of the Earth, as did Tribunal proceedings. The motherhouse is therefore substantially larger than its usual population requires, and now exists primarily to manage the Bavarian Common to the three chapterhouses.

Archmage ex Bjornaer, Praeco of the Greater Alps Tribunal
played by Ewan Reay-Davies

Ancient and potent, Simeon is the last of his House in the Tribunal - perhaps even in the Order - having outlived all his apprentices and seen his friends and fellows killed in the Livonian Crusade, die of broken hearts or fled into the wilds of the east to escape the persecution of his tradition. His position and sheer power have kept him beyond the reach of those who wish him harm for an age, and those few of the Teutonic Knights or Scandinavian magical traditions foolish enough to ignore that fact still eyelessly watch the gate of the Motherhouse from tall, weathered pikes. His Heartbeast is not publicly known - Simeon is a master of all shapes and which one is truly his is a guarded secret. He has been Praeco - traditionally a role given to the eldest - for thirty years during which he has been a rock of stability and tradition for the Tribunal.

Simeon is well known for carrying a spear instead of a staff; it is his symbol and talisman, and by repute is an artifact of terrifying magical potency sufficient to give even the likes of Pietro and Jacinta pause.

Simeon's Deed of Note is to have been acknowledged by his House as the Master of Shapes - a title conferred only three times since Bjornaer's time. His challenge is to assume a shape he himself cannot fathom and duplicate. He has acknowledged no defeats.

Archmage and Quaesitor ex Bonisagus
played by Bin Jones

Robin Jones - Carpocrates

Carpocrates, boon companion and life partner of Simeon, is as close to a Primus as House Bonisagus currently has. Last of the tradition of politicians and diplomats within his House, Carpocrates cares deeply for the Order and its dream, and much of his activity of late has been to try and shore up the various areas of the Order which are falling apart. Though he holds the title of Quaesitor he is not active in law and does not rule on law at the Tribunal; he more uses the title to advise Simeon, manage The Bavarian Common or apply pressure on misbehaving magi. Carpocrates is seen by many as a hopeless idealist and a good man in an evil time; his virtue and optimism is two centuries out of place. He lost three of his former apprentices - all senior magi - in the fall of Durenmar, and he works tirelessly for the good of his House in the Greater Alps.

Carpocrates' Deed of Note was achieved in 1318, when he led the effort to overthrow the Devil's Tribunal, and came within two votes of having it declared null and void on a vote of procedure. The speeches he gave that day were said to be the equal of any given at the Founding. His challenge, never taken, is to find a new magical tradition for the Order of Hermes, and bring it in its fullness into fellowship with the rest of the Order.

Chapterhouse: The Tower of Ashes

The Tower of Ashes Chapterhouse stands alone on a low promontory south of Neuchâtel. It is crafted as a single, thin spike of rock. Hewn from a larger mountain which once dominated the horizon, this was whittled away, grain by painstaking grain by paramount Perdo magics until, when the great clouds of dust settled, only the tower remained.

Archmaga ex Flambeau, of the Line of Apromor
played by Jo Pryor

Jacinta is the most competent magus in the arts of destruction in the Greater Alps and, arguably, remaining in the Order. Like many Flambeau of our time, her career and rise have been as meteoric as they have been short; she is archmage and a likely candidate for next Flambeau Primus at the age of 55. Sophisticated, loud, ferociously intelligent although she likes others to assume otherwise, Jacinta burns bright and intense like many of her House. Jacinta and Pietro have been allies, rivals, enemies, and rumour has it, lovers, over the decades since their gauntlets. No one is ever quite sure how these two stand in regard to each other, because their relationship has layers of depth whose interactions are difficult to chart. Each has hinted they would kill the other’s murderer, was someone else to successfully prosecute a War. Whether this is because they are allies, or because they’ve reserved the pleasure of killing their rival for themselves, is unclear, probably deliberately so.

Jacinta's Deed of Note is one that lives in infamy. At the age of twenty, barely out of apprenticeship, she sought and slew Lux Veritax ex Flambeau, the leader of the so-called Shadow Flambeau. Her challenge, which none have dared, is to survive ten minutes of her direct and fullest attention with your parma magica intact.

Magus ex Jerbiton
played by Jem Cobb

Simnel is an unassuming man appearing in his late middle age although the grey advances through his hair fast now. Appearing calm and placid, Simnel has been Jacinta's right hand man for decades, and is arguably the only person in the Tribunal able to calm her when the black dog is on her. He has had to work hard on that score of late. Those who know him well say that he is a wry and sly wit, that his magic revolves around plants and animals, and that he has very few friends to whom he is utterly devoted. He is distant from his House, it's believed by design on his part owing to a mistrust for the Primus' Coterie. Simnel and Alcmene maintain a cordial back channel relationship and between them often manage the consequences of their respective patrons' peccadilloes. Rumour has it Simnel is of Bohemian Jewish descent, a great rarity among Hermetic magicians and of considerable interest to the Prague Chapterhouse at Valnastium.

Chapterhouse: Juno's Spire

Juno's Spire Chapterhouse is a well defended, moated castle at Lindau, on the northern banks of Lake Constance. It is the grace and favour demesne of the senior hoplite, and the chair is paid by the Bavarian Common. A Hermetic Portal links the motherhouse to the Spire.

Archmage ex Flambeau, Hoplite to the Tribunal
played by Salvador Lloret-Farina

Pietro is the senior Flambeau in the Tribunal, claiming precedence by age over Jacinta by a matter of a day. This is merely one of the dozens of rivalries between the two; research would confirm that they were born in the same village in Portugal, that their masters were covenant-mates briefly, that they declared Wizard’s War simultaneously on each other twenty-eight years ago, and that they have never engaged in witnessed certámen. Pietro eschews his House's traditional love of the flames to embrace weather phenomena and lightning; some say he has survived to the age he has because the mayhem he wreaks is easier to dismiss as freak weather events. Pietro serves as Hoplite to the Tribunal in return for his chair being funded; the mere threat of his involvement is often enough to bend miscreants to a Quaesitor's will. Some say he holds a deeper Hoplite-style title associated with the College of Archmagi, one that has only been held by the greatest generals of the Order, and this is the source of the conflict between him and Jacinta; like everything else to do with them, there is much gossip and little fact.

Pietro's Deed of Note remains his act of seizing both Juno's Spire and his status as Archmage from Nauvi ex Tytalus at the tender age of twenty-five; the youngest Archmage ever acknowledged. Since then he has undertaken other deeds of note acknowledged by the College of Archmagi but not made public. His challenge, which has been failed once, by a now-dead Tytalus, is to spend one night, alone, in a location of Pietro's choice in the Alps, with no benefit of Parma Magica.

Maga ex Jerbiton
played by Jenny Lewis

Alcmene is a boon companion to Pietro and has for a long while accompanied him when he is on official Tribunal business both to support him if combat is required and to restrain him when it is not. Where Pietro sometimes has the mad gleam in his eye common to (and the doom of) his House, Alcmene is clinical, efficient, and most of all, glacially calm. Her magic focusses on a very specialist field of magic around cloth and clothes; subtle, unshowy and utterly devastating when deployed effectively. She accompanied Pietro to the Tribunal from Iberia, and has made little effort to connect to her House outside the necessary formalities for politeness, in spite of their intense curiosity about her. Conversely, she appears to get on very well with Quaesitori, Redcaps and with Simnel, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the relationship between their patrons.

Chapterhouse: Rorschach

Following the banks of Lake Constance west from the Spire leads to the tiny Rorschach Chapterhouse, a palace belonging to the abbots of Saint Gallen situated just outside the town of Rorschach itself, which acts as a centre of trade for the Bodensee. The traffic passing through Rorschach provides cover for House Mercere's operations across the Tribunal. The chapter is linked by Hermes Portal to the motherhouse in Bavaria, and to Chateau de Chillon, making for one of the few cross-covenant links, although the portals in both cases emerge outside the covenant's grounds - and defences. We call that Alpine trust.

Magus ex Mercere
played by Leum Dunn

Rogitien is a powerful Hermetic alchemist with a significant specialism in life extension. Once, he co-operated extensively with the life extension project at Ends of the Earth but of late, that relationship has soured a little due to the falling out between him and Hubert, to be settled at Tribunal, into which I will not delve here for fear of prejudicing proceedings. Rogitien has taken on responsibility for brewing longevity potions for all the members of his House who are not Hermetic magicians - and, it is believed, has also distributed such to his own extensive mundane family in the village of Rorschach. Rogitien believes he is close to creating the Great Elixir - the breakthrough that would allow for the indefinite extension of life - but without the Ends of the Earth he is working with one hand tied behind his back, and the sheer number of potions he is now committed to making means his research time is limited. Rumour suggests that, though Rogitien was not trained by him (he is filius Elissa), he is Marius's son.

Magus ex Mercere, called The Opener of the Way
played by Jon Creek

Marius may be one of the most powerful remaining Mercere magi alive, and has never spent any time on messages or redcap duties due to his specialism. Marius is one of the few remaining masters of the translocation magic which Mercere himself originally specialised in - including the intricate and complex process of creating Hermes' Portals, a skill now known only to him and to Ovid, his apprentice, and which requires both of them. His magic is slow but vastly powerful, and bears considerable resemblance to that used by the Romans themselves. Though he has been extant in the Tribunal for over a century, his apparent age never changes and as far as anyone in this longevity-obsessed Tribunal knows, he has never procured a potion for himself unless he has made one, and that is not his specialism. Polite concern grows now at his advancing age, the vital role he serves, and the possible consequences of accident to him or Ovid. Marius, never overly blessed with tact, appears profoundly unconcerned, and somewhat irritated at being viewed as a "valuable resource".

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