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Our covenant; that the art of magic acknowledges no limits, and ever strives to transcend them.

The Shadow of the Moon is a small covenant dedicated to a momentous, quixotic task; to break the Lunar Sphere. Originally given Charter as a Research Covenant, it has, until recently, been considered an extension of the Bonisagus Domus Magna Durenmar. However, since Durenmar's tragic destruction in the still-unexplained magical catastrophe of 1327, Shadow of the Moon's fate and finances are a little less assured.

The Covenant building is located at the foot of the Matterhorn and resembles a somewhat uninspiring, windowless grain silo, clad in dressed red granite. This structure links, by Hermes Portal, to a series of laboratories on the summit, cited within the powerful magical aura there. The covenant has no chapterhouses.

Traditionally, a Bonisagus who wishes to explore the Limits of the Sphere is granted the title Lunarian, and takes up residence, on the condition that any findings are conveyed to Durenmar, where they are copied and distributed to the other Domus Magnii, thus fulfilling Bonisagus' oath. Durenmar has extensive rights in the Shadow of the Moon Charter, which protect the integrity of the experiment, and prevent the Covenant veering into other areas of research, but the legality of this Charter is not entirely clear now the Impreximus no longer exists. The Redcaps have not taken receipt of any research documents since the fall of Durenmar, and no tithe has been received at the Tribunal coffers for 7 years.

Whilst the Office of Notary holds sympathy for the loss of the Domus Magnus, it would be undutiful not to inform the Tribunal of the precariousness of the Covenant Charter, and the impending Vagrancy of its members, should suitable restitutions not be deposited before Tribunal voting commences.

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Magus ex Bonisagus and Lunarian
played by TBC

An ancient and well respected magi. Selected early as this generation’s Lunarian he is a genius, but is far less capable in most other fields, by his own admission, than other magi his age. Ignorant of, and unburdened with mundane matters, his progress toward the project’s goal has been impressive. Childlike, despite his legendary intellect, Yrjo is rarely seen at large, and needs the constant assistance of his protege Diana, especially since his body is becoming frail. However, the fall of Durenmar affected him most grievously, understandable given both the horror of the incident, and his ties to the former Domus Magna, and he has recently written letters of complaint to the Ends of the Earth petitioning for the release of particular materials and equipment which came into their possession during Hypatia's Flight.

Maga ex Verditius
played by Ed Allison

This young magus seeks to voyage to the Lunar Sphere by an inspired combination of magical and mechanical means. The covenant grounds are littered with the twisted, smouldering detritus of his many previous attempts but Fabianne’s finest work, thus far, is the creation of a magical bow of enormously long range, coupled with arrows enchanted with Waiting Spells that transport material back to bottles in his laboratory. His greatest feat thus far is to confirm the existence of a layer of fire between the Earth and the Lunar Sphere, although he assures the Quaesitori that he is not going to repeat the experiment until he finds a suitable container for elemental flame. There is friction approaching animosity between him and Jacque Bones of The Covenant of Carthago In Montibus, but Fabianne professes on his art that he has not one iota why.

Maga ex Bonisagus, called the Dark Aster
played by Camilla F.

Aurore is an authority on divination through astrology. Although foretelling the future accurately is impossible, since it denies the free will given to humanity by God, Aurore is so skilled at Astrology that she is consulted on all major events. Incapable of Lunarian research, Aurore is practical and charismatic, and both supports Yrjo’s work and the wider covenant by taking care of distractions and mundanities. Politically-minded magi are glad that Aurore is generally disinterested in the pettiness of transitionary things, like Tribunals, but all watch carefully when she joins causes, and her opinions are venerated by the Magi of the Greater Alps. 

Diana Aurelia Cotta
Maga ex Jerbiton, known as Diana Contarini
played by Nat Saunders

The widow of Nicolo Contarini, former Procurator of San Marco in Venice, Diana was widely expected to be the next Lunarian, before Yrgo was widely expected to be the last. His protege and research partner has achieved a prodigious rise in power and ability since being admitted to the covenant some 15 years ago. More rounded in both her arts and politics than the current Lunarian, her deductive skills are unparalleled, and she has helped Yrgo solve some of the thornier problems he has wrestled with for decades. Given Yrgo's single-minded attention to the project, Diana has taken it on herself to demonstrate the covenant's continued legitimacy and Charter; so far the weight of evidence is against her, despite some adroit interpretations of peripheral code. A close friend with Acerola, the pair have often been seen enjoying the company of Sieurs Uillem and Everard of Chateau de Chillon, and share a penchant for carousal and revelry as tools to disentangle the finer complexities of Hermetic theory.

Maga ex Criamon, called the Magpie
played by Kate Brown

Things just happen around Acerola, call it happenstance or synchronicity, the young Astrologer has an aptitude for being in entirely the right place at the right time. Of course, right is entirely subjective. An acolyte of Primus Exeunt Omnes, Acerola is more itinerant and gregarious than her sodales at the Caves, and is one of their greatest exponents to the wider Tribunal. The self-proclaimed leader of the Magoi of the Star, Acerola seeks the Enigma in the cycle of the Heavens and in ecstatic experience, and studies their combined effects on both Magi and mundanes alike, often to their chagrin. She enjoys mundane life and is a known regular at most of the inns and taverns of the Aosta Valley, where she is welcomed despite the unorthodox appearance of her House. The locals have learned exactly what happens to those who take offence, and many have the scars and broken teeth to prove it.

Magus ex Criamon
played by Matt Pennington

All are equal when their memory fades. But we are not equal, we are concomitant, interwoven, relevant. We are legend and we have forged the world in our image, for a time. You are immortal whilst you are remembered. I will remember you. Not the pallid mask the world sees, I will remember you as you are, and I will record you. And so I live through you, and we shall live forever. Settle your debts with Hawisia.

I believe what my friend Nuno is expressing here is that he pursues the Enigma through the web of interpersonal relationships - or, if you prefer the uncultured term, gossip - which permeates the Tribunal. It is his wisdom which provides the fuel for the refined steel of my own observations here. In truth, the fairest reading likely lies between his words and mine.

Magum ex Criamon
played by TBC

A celebrated and practiced arbiter, Abdkypris is the founder of the Path of Walking Backwards, a pacifist Criamon philosophy grounded in Sufism and the teachings of Empedocles. They play a subtle, calming political role in mundane society; originally in their Levantine homelands, but always finding themselves instinctively drawn to wherever conflict arises. Abdkypris' conciliatory teachings show that faith transcends religion, and the spiritual transcends the temporal, and their magics are concerned with bringing things closer to perfection by drawing out their positive virtues. It is rumoured Abdkypris opened the doorway to Empedocles' fabled Spharios centuries ago, but has chosen to remain in the isolation of the Shadow of the Moon, perhaps so that they may aid others in this cycle, perhaps to deliver a particular piece of information or solve one final problem before ascension.

Lady Bohemonde of Antioch
Maga ex Flambeau, known to some as Bohemonde Fieschi
played by Sarah Cook
Sarah cook.png

Bohemond is a rarity in these times; a young Flambeau. Originally from Antioch and of noble lineage, as befits her House, she was at the siege of Acre and later saw Livonian action, where she fought against the Order of Odin. Bohemond is an effective and courageous war mage, but not one to revel in the glory of combat, exercising restraint and upholding justice and honour above all else. Thoughtful and meticulous, Bohemond is the heart of her covenant and holds its disparate Magi together, often through sheer force of will. She was originally apprenticed in Latakia and was the first to translate Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi's mathematical treaties into Latin, and to incorporate the Arabic 'zero' into Hermetic theory. Her covenant-mates claim its application has allowed significant advances in both Yrjo's Lunarian studies and Fabianne's trajectory planning but, other than with kindred spirit Albannach, any wider adoption in Tribunal has crashed against a wall of assumed superiority of all things Roman. Bohemonde maintains mundane trade interests with Opizzo of the Covenant of Valnastium; both Magi are of the same Genoese family, albeit distantly related, and the pair have clashed with both Templar and Venetian interests in the past.

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