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Our covenant; that the present is something to be navigated; the past something to be explored; and the future something to be architected.
Carthago in Montibus is the most traditional, and yet most progressive, covenant in the Tribunal. Originally based in the ruins of a long-sacked Temple to Mercury Victor, located in the high pass in the Alps where the Punic armies of Hannibal of Carthage crossed to come within an ace of attacking Rome, the covenant has always been a champion of Roman tradition and Roman observance within the Tribunal.

It has long been, and remains, the centre of Mercere power in the region and the first to demand that things are done as they should be, according to tradition. As time has gone on, the Mercere willingness to change and adapt has brought them down from the mountains and into the valleys and lower passes, leaving only those fascinated with the region's history and aura to dwell in the pass.

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Chapterhouse: Chateau de Chillon

The covenant maintains three Chapterhouses and does not acknowledge any of them as dominant though few visitors now make the arduous trip to the ancient High Pass chapterhouse, instead preferring the much more comfortable surroundings of the chapterhouse at Chateau de Chillon on lake Geneva, where the current Mercere leadership dwell. The Chateau is the most recent addition to the covenant, with the previous and current Masters of the Chateau both Jerbiton magi aligned with the covenant.

Salvestro de'Medici
Magus ex Mercere, Mercurius of the Greater Alps Tribunal
played by Oliver Godby

Salvestro is the Tribunal's lead Mercere, responsible for managing the communications and message routes between covenants and chapterhouses, and he takes his role very seriously. Even though young by the standards of the magi of his House, his apparent age has increased rapidly over the past decade or so, and many suspect that he has either chosen not to take steps to extend his age, or those he has taken have failed. Whispers about his health have now spilled over into open concern, especially given his focus on passing the torch to his son Everard. Salvestro doesn't suffer fools, isn't shy about making enemies if he needs to, and uses the neutrality of his role as cloak and shield for the greater good as he sees it. If he is dying, more will mourn than rejoice, and few among us should be so lucky. If he has a vice, it is his devotion to his family.

Sieur Everard
Magus ex Mercere, known as Averardo de'Medici
played by Ben Allen

Son of Salvestro and recently-gauntleted redcap, Averado wishes to be known as Sir Everard, after one of the Knights of Charlemagne. Untested in the politics of the Tribunal he is a largely unknown quantity, though by report he is of a martial aspect and close boon companions with Sir Uillem de Chillon. He is the subject of minor scandal in the Tribunal over his father's overt intention to name him as the next Mercurius in spite of what some suggest are his deficiencies of experience and character. He has spent time since his Gauntlet in Italy, and is only recently returned to Chillon. He is said to be persuasive in speech, magnetic in personality and charming in aspect.

Jacopa Spini
Maga ex Verditius, known as The Lady of Smoke and Shadow
played by Kate Forster

A rising star in the House of Makers and an ally and friend to Salvestro, Jacopa is influential in her House, rich, and, some say it's a great loss to House Tytalus that she trained in the House she did because she could hide effortlessly behind a corkscrew. It is said of Jacopa that the whiff of gunpowder follows in her wake. Not only is she the person who knows almost everything that happens in the Tribunal, but she often knows it first, and she is unrepentant in utilising the knowledge she gains to the advantage of her schemes and her covenant. A good friend to have, and a terrible enemy. A union of marriage, long mooted, between her and Sieur Everard is scheduled to occur at the Tribunal.

Archmage ex Mercere
played by Tom Nowell

Ovid, a very formal and traditional magician of apparent middle years, is Salvestro's advisor and right hand man. He bears an aspect of being much put-upon surrounded as he is by enthusiastic children and the concerns of the mundane world, when his truest heart's desire is to be nose down in a book, in a quiet window, in blessed silence. Though he appears religious and at times, spiritual Ovid professes to no church allegiance and finds the trappings of such - knights, marriages, for instance - faintly distasteful. He is an old friend and former apprentice of Marius ex Mercere at Icy North, and they collaborate often on projects for the House, specialising in the creation of Hermes' Portals.

Ovid's Deed of Note is the Marathon Europa - using a combination of translocation magic and Hermes' Portals, he made appearances in all thirteen of the Order's Tribunals in his youth, delivering messages for the College of Archmagi to all Primi within a single month. The feat has never been repeated. His challenge is "demonstrate your true understanding of the Metamorphoses of my namesake, and reveal their true message to me." He has acknowledged only one defeat.

Sieur Uillem de Chillon
Magus ex Jerbiton
played by Mark Hobson

Sir Uillem is another young and recently-gauntleted magus, come to power and prominence abruptly and under curious circumstances. His father Gioffre was the previous Lord of Chillon, and a longtime friend of Salvestro; Gioffre died in mysterious circumstances last year and the local magi had to move heaven and earth to get Uillem sworn in as a magus in good standing and in the right House before the Tribunal. Uillem is everything one would expect of both his House and his breeding; courteous, well bred, polite, respectful of his elders and an exemplar of youthful nobility. Of an age with Sieur Everard, the two have fallen into company with one another as boon companions, and undertake adventures in the local area not entirely becoming of the dignity of magi.

Chapterhouse: High Pass

High Pass Chapterhouse remains the covenant's heart, and is a beacon for those across the Order fascinated with history and specifically the history of magic. Although the temple to Mercury was sacked long before the apprentices of Mercere found it, the architecture and remaining relics offered a window into the antecedents of the Order without compare, and the pass is scoured by historians looking for further evidence of the Carthaginian mission through the Alps too.

Jacque Bones
Magus ex Verditius
played by Jamie Twine

Not so much liked as respected, Jacque is the Tribunal's premier magician of the flesh; healing, harming, changing, transforming and understanding its weaknesses and capacities. Many expected Jacque to seek membership at Ends of the Earth to focus on longevity, but instead the magus has pursued historical interests, uncovering what may have been Hannibal's main encampment in the pass and engaging in a decade-long excavation and investigation of the site. Jacque has numerous associates and contacts across the Tribunal, having done business with both the Quaesitori and those keen to avoid their attentions in the past. Anyone attempting to trouble Jacque discovers quite how many friends in high places a magus can have.

Magus ex Verditius, called the Mushroom King
played by TBC
WIN 20221106 12 23 23 Pro.jpg

Another magus with a bent for the historical, Robigus is in high demand for any situation where the possibility of encountering magical problems exists. His primary focus is on unweaving the magical power of items and reclaiming the vis inherent in them; he does a steady trade in rendering down old, broken or malfunctioning items created by magi in the Tribunal, and levies as a fee a percentage of his recovery. He is also known for his skills in unweaving defences and traps. Those who know him well comment on his fascination with all things to do with rot and decay, and his distressing fondness for mushrooms, lichens and mould. Robigus considers Balbina, his former apprentice, as a great disappointment and has mentioned on more than one occasion his desire to unmake her apprenticeship.

Magus ex Mercere, called the Oliphaunt
played by TBC

Zammit is an old Mercere of the Redcap tradition who gained his cognomen from his habit of crossing the high Alpine passes at speed and in weather others thought too challenging, often carrying heavy loads. He has now retired from active duty, and joined Carthago in Montibus out of curiosity to discover more about the history of the animal so many associate him with. He has been little seen since his retirement and many of his colleagues look forward to the chance to catch up with him and consult with his impeccable memory for Tribunal events. Zammit hails from the far-off island of Malta and many wondered at his determination to get as far from the sea he was born to as possible.

Maga ex Tytalus, called the Clocksmith
played by Roz Horton

One of the Tribunal's only two magi of her House, Alyx fends off the inevitable accusations that she is behind literally every bad thing that happens with an eye roll, a yawn and an acknowledgement in a bored tone that "yes, you got me, how clever you are, literally Guernicus come again." Her magical talents lie in unknown areas, but she has produced elaborate magical timepieces for several covenants utilising differing methodologies - klepsydrae, sand-clocks, sundials, even a complex automaton. One of the very few remaining Hermetic magi with an origin on the North African coast, she believes herself to descend from ancient Punic nobility, hence her fascination with the High Pass chapterhouse.

Chapterhouse: The Itinerants

The final "chapterhouse" is the Itinerant Chapter, consisting of Redcap Mercere scattered across the tribunal on message runs and routes linking the various outposts of the Order. Less a physical group than one bound by shared duty and association, these magi seldom meet each other save at Tribunal, but have a reputation for leaving one another long epistles at their various safehouses and drop points in the Tribunal.

Magus ex Mercere, also called Michael Scot
played by Andy Day

Albannach is a curious man, and has an unusually long life. It's rumoured he was born somewhere in the northern British Isles in the tenth century, but like much of what's said of him, that may be spin, untruth or exaggeration. Certainly, he is well travelled, and claims to have been, at various points in his life, a mathematician in Cordoba, a priest, a courtier in Sicily and an ambassador to the Norsemen. His energy seems endless, and his wisdom in unusual magical traditions great, though nobody knows for sure if he is a Hermetic magician of the Mercere line or a Redcap. He is known to be a mentor to Bohemond of Shadow of the Moon, having bonded with the young Flambeau over the obscure Arabic mathematics of "zero".

Maga ex Mercere, called the Old Woman of the Mountains
played by TBC

Elissa is a magus of the Mercere tradition and the previous Mercurius of the Tribunal, before retiring from "all that bureaucracy" and devoting herself to the life of a travelling redcap. She makes her way around the Tribunal in a covered wagon drawn by a surly ox, and those who have been given the rare honour of an invitation to enter have described the inside of the wagon as a wonder truly to be witnessed, with all the space and accoutrements any magus could ever desire fitting effortlessly behind the door. Nor, it is said, is the ox just an ox. Elissa is universally respected and regarded as a confidante; she has a sharp tongue and a soft heart, and is the first place any magus in trouble goes for advice.

Magum ex Mercere, Notary Hermetic of the Greater Alps Tribunal
played by Tansy Pye

And so we come to myself. I serve a key role in the Tribunal - I am the Notary, keeping track of the complex rules of raw vis that guarantee each covenant seats at Tribunal. As such, every self-sustaining source of vis in the Tribunal is declared to me, and I check them on my route around the region to ensure they are still valid and productive. My role makes me someone everyone wishes to court, but few would count as friend; this is a burden I am comfortable bearing.

I am also responsible for collecting on any fines levied by Tribunal against magi or covenants, and keeps the Tribunal's "float" of such vis collected. As someone who is not a Hermetic magician myself, I am viewed as above the temptations to misuse the float, but it is within my discretion to expend it to hire the services of other magi to assist me in my duty, to assist the other Tribunal officers in their duty, or to make loans from it to magi or covenants for specific purposes. Of such loans, I keep scrupulous records.

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