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Our covenant; that though all things end, the end will not come like a thief in the night.

Unusually among the covenants of the Greater Alps, Ends of the Earth does not sponsor chapterhouses. All of its members dwell at their main base, a vast cave complex extending behind a waterfall in the Bavarian Alps. Ends of the Earth predates the Order itself; it was, in the Dark Ages, a religious complex devoted to the three Roman deities known as the Parcae; Nona, Decima and Morta, with an associated priesthood. In the late 700s, there was a fierce competition between the founders Verditius, Criamon and Bonisagus to persuade the priestesses of the Parcae to join the Order of Hermes within their respective traditions; the story has it that Bonisagus won the contest, and Ends of the Earth has been a stronghold of the House ever since, although its exclusive interests also continue to draw a strong Verditius and Criamon presence.

The cave system behind the waterfall is rumoured to mirror in uncanny detail the map of veins and arteries that surround the human liver, and the interior tunnels bear mosaics and paintings from the Roman era depicting stories and images on the theme of prophecy, fate and destiny. The further you go out from the central chamber, the more primitive the tunnels and caverns become, and the older and more incomprehensible the decoration on the walls of the caves.

Ends of the Earth is known for having one of the largest libraries of eschatonic literature known to the Order - the covenant's oath reflects its interest in predicting and analysing prophecies and myths of the end of the world. It is also known to be exceptionally vis-rich, even in these straitened times, and could sustain many more magi than it chooses to.

Ends of the Earth is the current centre of research on life extension and immortality in the Order; it's known (or rumoured) to have rescued at least some of the advanced materials and equipment from Durenmar in an event known to the covenant as Hypatia's Flight, before that covenant fell to fire.

Since the issues surrounding the use of the Tribunal facilities at Icy North's motherhouse, Ends of the Earth have had a building constructed on the shores of the lake at the foot of the waterfall; this has sufficient accommodation for a hundred, and a large hall and a series of smaller chambers for the business of the Tribunal. It is constructed in a much less grand style than other Hermetic buildings, and focusses purely on the meetings every seven years of the Tribunal.

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Medea Andrasta
Archmaga ex Bonisagus
played by Alex Ashland

Medea is a driven Archmaga with a Sisyphean task; she is the chief researcher on the Longevity Project. Her principal aim is to develop more effective longevity potions, but progress has been slow, predominantly as her predecessors have all but exhausted the current lines of research. Medea has had to cast her net further afield, and the diverse disciplines displayed by her covenant-mates are largely due to her efforts to attract more left-field thinking into the arena. Historically distant to, and independent of Durenmar, since its fall Medea has sought to co-ordinate and, where necessary, re-home those few Bonisagus who remain. She has worked closely with Archmage Carpocrates in this endeavour, and it is no secret she regards Regina in some distain for what she perceives as activities contra to Bonisagus' ethos, and for being a catalyst to the House's ever dwindling ranks. Often touted for Primacy, Medea instead seems to support Hesiod's ascension to the role, and seldom does she not achieve an outcome which she is satisfied by.

Medea's Deed of Note was the last great breakthrough in longevity research - the ability to utilise Rego vis in longevity potions as well as Creo. Her challenge is to advance the maximum lifespan of a magus through magical research, in a fashion that can be duplicated reliably by Hermetic magic. She has acknowledged no defeats.

Magus ex Bonisagus, called Advocatus Diaboli
played by Iain Brown

Something of a polemicist, Hubert is the a sole voice of dissent in Tribunal on a multitude of topics, particularly if Rotigien sides with the majority; the pair despise each other and have numerous ongoing grievances. Some are sceptical if Hubert truly believes every position he adopts; a short conversation is not possible, but anyone who has savoured a more sustained conversation with him will confirm that actually, yes; he does. Hubert has an exhaustive knowledge of many, many magical subjects, but his specialism is researching longevity effects, and his techniques are surprisingly dramatic. Medea views the often unanticipated breakthroughs Hubert makes as some of the most promising avenues of investigation available to her and, whilst never an easy Mage to be contiguous with, his covenant appreciates his meticulous attention to detail and contrarian nature. Widely read in the Artes Liberales, Hubert's most treasured manuscript is Arethas of Caesarea's personal copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, which he rescued from the ruins of Heracleia. Everybody in the Greater Alps knows this. Everybody.

Archmage ex Verditius
played by Kai Leske-Heed

Flamboyant and immaculate, Eftandise is the senior Verditius of the tribunal, and the finest brewer of longevity potions currently active in the Order of Hermes. He brews a maximum of one potion for others every two years and, although not one for combat, he has sufficient leverage to dissuade even archmages from any thoughts of threat or coercion. Eftandise’s status in his own House is low. He can make the best longevity potions, but he breaks no new ground. He’s never won, and rarely enters, the Great Competition held at Verdi, and so is on the second tier of prestige within the followers of Verditius. He has the compensation, however, of being the wealthiest, and one of the most influential. His talents are applauded, appreciated and always in demand throughout the Greater Alps, where he is also looked to as something of a trendsetter. He is certainly the most active patron of Alcmene's needlework, since that Maga's arrival from Iberia, and possesses a standing account lodged with the Notary's office for Alcmene's raiments which eclipses many covenant balance sheets.

Eftandise's Deed of Note is the Stromboli Walk - he entered the live magma chamber of the volcano Stromboli and emerged unscathed bearing the heart of the volcano, a source of Ignem Vis he gifted to Verdi covenant. His challenge is to demonstrate the three truths of alchemy - the transmutation of lead into gold, the submlimation of matter into vis, and the creation of the Azoth, precursor to the Philosopher's Stone which grants true immortality. He has acknowledged no defeats.

Maga ex Verditius
played by TBC

Fixated on the longevity of things, Balbina’s area of greatest skill is repairing enchanted items, a branch of Verditius Magic practiced by only a few each generation, and from a tradition passed down from Wayland Smith. It is kept obscure by its difficulty and costliness, since each repair is a different ritual and needs to be designed from scratch, but Balbina lovingly restores purpose and form to what is often thought irreparably lost. Her services are sufficiently expensive that most covenants replace their items rather than repairing them, an act she finds distasteful, but her experience also often allows her to discern an object’s function and triggering actions, and she is in receipt of many an odd and ancient thing which their present owners have no idea what to do with. Whilst soft-spoken and somewhat timorous for her House, her intricate, unswerving devotion to any task she sets her mind to gives inkling to a deep vein of pride that runs through her core, and she never forgets a slight, real or imagined. She and Robigus do not get on.

Ecce Montes
Magus and Quaesitor ex Verditius, Quaesitor Maximus to the Tribunal
played by Ben Mars
Ben Mars

The Quaesitor Maximus can be intense, but has been a fastening force in Tribunal politics for the last 35 years. The position was thrust upon him in the aftermath of the Templar executions; it is commonly understood Mater Suspirorum wished to continue attending to her House rather than validate Tribunals, and Ecce Montes was the second, and only other choice. Once invested, he displayed a decisive and uncomplicated vision of justice; his swift ruling on the many crimes of the Guernicus ensured their guilt was viewed as incontrovertible. Ecce Montes is a Traditionalist, and considers the Hermetic Oath and the clarifying rulings of the First Tribunal to be the foundation stones of the Order, and thus immutable. This often puts him at odds with the more progressive elements of Tribunal, and sometimes his own Quaesitori. A skilled architect, he sees connections in everything, and his magical specialism binds together natural features and elements of geography, through sympathetic connections, to create wondrous magical effects. He approaches investigations in the same way, and his sanctum is strewn with fragments of evidence, testimony, gossip and prophecy from all his open cases, threaded together in great spider webs of interrelation.

Justus Irae
Magus ex Bonisagus
played by Tristan Barback

Before the hypocrisy and hubris of their interference with the Templars was exposed, the Magus now known as Justus Irae was a Guernicus Quaesitor in good standing. He was lodged at Magvillus, working as an investigator when it fell to the Pope's magical crusade, and barely survived to make his escape to the Greater Alps. The first covenant he fell upon was the Ends of the Earth and, when the full corruption of the Guernicus was disclosed to him by Medea, he immediately Recanted and petitioned to be apprenticed to House Bonisagus. Medea accepted his petition, but as a full member of the Order, and he has worked diligently for her since. Justus Irae has a stern and severe manner, and it is fitting that he assumed the position of custodian of the Library of Eschaton, which gives him little reason to talk to anyone outside his covenant. Although he does not practice the law anymore, he still puts his old talents to use, searching for patterns and clues in the reams of prophecy stored in the sandstone caves. Recently, Justus Irae has been attempting to collect, catalogue and verify the more novel auguries, but someone or something is hampering this undertaking. Whether co-ordinated thievery or simply star-crossed, he has noticed a large number of horoscopes and prophecies have gone missing across the tribunal over the last few seasons. Justus Irae considers this an ill-omen for things to come, but that is not an unusual stance for him.

Nine Leaves
Magum ex Criamon, Hoplite to the Tribunal, called The Kindly One
played by Karen Cobb
Karen Cobb - for dead air website.jpg

Nine Leaves has always dwelt within the deeper caves of the Ends of the Earth and, unusually for a Criamon, has never visited the Cave of Twisting Shadows. This is because they choose to walk the Path of the Strife, taking it upon themselves to complete those tasks which violate the House tenets of apt action, so others do not have to. To ever cross the threshold of Glass and Crystal would risk pollution, not only of their sodales, but of the purity of the Great White Space. Nine Leaves tends to the shrines of the Parcae, and has restored and expanded the decorations on the deeper cave walls, in the same style as they were begun. They also act as Hoplite to Ecce Montes, and are a tireless hunter of Daemons and other malevolent entities, not because they are evil, but because they are not willing to share the remaining harmony in the universe with them. It is also believed they are married to Abdkypris, and the pair love each other deeply and without condition. Given the terrible mantle they bear, those first meeting Nine Leaves are often disarmed by how warm and genial they are; they enjoy the company of others and are loved amongst the magi at The Ends of the Earth.

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