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Archmage ex Tytalus, Praeco Emeritus

Missing Presumed Twilit, But Seat Held
If he were to be played...

Archmage Nauvi ex Tytalus, up until the early part of the 1300s, was the Praeco of the Greater Alps, ruling from Juno's Spire in the Icy North. It is fair to say that he was not universally loved, and that his character was not one that was easy to rub along with in a spirit of jollity. Both Alyx and Carmine were trained by the Archmage, and can provide a better picture of his character than a simple paragraph.

Nevertheless, he kept order and tradition, and largely left the magi of the Tribunal to their own devices. Pietro, newly arrived from Iberia, sought out Nauvi, and in a confrontation that has passed into legend in the Tribunal, claimed Archmage status from him, and dominion over Juno's Spire. Nauvi, in a fury of humiliation at being ousted by a 25-year-old Flambeau prodigy, resigned the status of Praeco to Simeon (to the dismay of the Quaesitori, who had no precedent for such a thing and suspected but could not prove Simeon was not the eldest) and left the Greater Alps for points unknown. None have seen him since.

Nauvi was holding off his final Twilight through sheer force of spite and malignant will even in the 1300s; many assume he has passed beyond by now, but nevertheless, a seat is always prepared for him at Tribunal, and will be until the many magi who feared and hated him can be assured he is finally dead and gone.

Nauvi's seat is paid for, it is assumed, by his own unique characteristic - his fingernails were made of iron, and when clipped produced exactly enough vis to secure his own seat.

Nauvi's Deed of Note is lost in the ancient history of the Order - he is known to have played an active role in the Massassa Wars, and to have provided information to the Quaesitori that allowed them to expose the Shadow Flambeau, but he was Archmage long before that. His challenge is believed to be to determine which of two statements he speaks is true, and which is a lie. Pietro is known to have beaten him.

Honoured Visitors

Traditionally the Greater Alps Tribunal welcomes an observer from the Domus Magna Mercere and the Domus Magna Verditius to attend and witness the Tribunal's proceedings. As the two major centres of Hermetic power that remain which are not in the Greater Alps, such relations are seen as only prudent.

For both Houses, who is sent to attend is often a sign of the importance the House attaches to affairs in the Greater Alps; in the past the Primi themselves have attended as observers, but equally, they have sent middle-ranking magi from their retinues in other years.

Kobe van Rijn

Maga and Prima ex Mercere

Seated at Harco Covenant, Roman Tribunal - Under Visitors Aegis
played by Liza Shepherd

Kobe van Rijn has been Prima Mercere for about half a decade, and as is the way with the Mercere, she is young, dynamic and forward thinking, barely into her fifth decade. She hails originally from Antwerp, and her family is very active in the wool and cloth trade which brought her both money and influence - she has used these to the betterment of her House for many years and, eventually, won primacy from her record.

Kobe is very personable and does not stand on ceremony, eschewing pomp and circumstance, and preferring matters to be settled through tough negotiation rather than ostentatious display. This will be her first time in the Alps, and may prove an interesting experience for both her and the Tribunal.

Kobe is expected to settle the matter of who will succeed Salvestro as Mercurius, although what method she will choose is unknown. She apparently also has a matter of House business to discuss with her House.

Walter de Milemete

Magus Larta ex ex Verditius
Ambassador Extraordinary of Archmage Pentangeli, Primus Verditius

Seated at Verdi Covenant, Roman Tribunal - Under Visitors Aegis
played by TBC

Now here is a new thing in the world - for while the tradition in House Jerbiton to adopt true paragons of artistic talent into the House as "Larta magi" is well known irrespective of their magical talent, and the fact that many Mercere magi are not, technically, hermetic magi is equally common knowledge, never before has such a title been bestowed by House Verditius.

Walter de Milemete is an Englishman and, it's said, a paragon of the inventor's art such as has not been seen since Verditius' time. Primus Pentangeli claims de Milemete's talents, while utterly devoid of Hermetic ability, are wholly in keeping with the magical tradition of Verditius, and as such he has more claim than any hermetic magus to membership of the House, and as of spring 1347 is under the House's aegis and has sworn the Code.

De Milemete's fame primarily revolves around two separate areas; his treatise for King Edward III of England on kingship, which contained illustrations of his first designs for black powder weapons, and his work since on bringing them, and other black powder applications, to a broader audience. Including, alas, the English ahead of Crecy - who used such terrifying tools to devastate the French forces, counting among them the late Prima Flambeau. It is to be expected that the magi of that House will test the limits of the legal protections around the Magus Larta.

Those inclined to do so would do well to note that the Visitors Aegis also includes Praeco Simeon's protection, and he may be disinclined to support rudeness to such an esteemed visitor.


Archmage and Primus ex ex Verditius
Known as the Velvet Fist

Seated at Verdi Covenant, Roman Tribunal - Under Visitors Aegis
played by Eric Granger

Old, shrewd, cunning and belonging to a generation of magi almost certainly passed on from the world, Pentangeli the Velvet Fist does not stir from Verdi, his home and centre of power on Sicily. The Roman Tribunal may have collapsed but within the hallowed halls of Verdi, all continues according to Pentangeli's blueprint.

While de Milimete is Verdi's ambassador, it is usual for Pentangeli to attend any meetings of the College of Archmagi by means of a remote projection, and those attending that meeting should expect to see him there. It's unlikely he will concern himself with the affairs of lesser magi of his House.

The Covenant of Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Chateauneuf-du-Pape is a covenant about which very little is known. It has recently made contact with the magi of Carthago-in-Montibus and seeks to petition for entry to the Greater Alps Tribunal as a seventh covenant. It was originally a covenant of the now-collapsed Provence Tribunal, and claims to have undergone "significant tribulations" in the past thirty years which have kept it underground. By repute the covenant is located near Avignon, to the west of the pass claimed by Carthago-in-Montibus.

Limited information is provided on the three magi who have made contact - the Covenant's oath, membership or disposition is unknown at this time. Vis sources will have to be reckoned by the Notary hermetic to determine whether they can sustain themselves. If Carthago in Montibus choose to petition for Visitor's Aegis for them, and the Praeco indicates he is willing, they will have permission to attend to state their case prior to the Tribunal's formal commencement. For the moment, they remain close to an active gate, and have indicated they will be available to answer questions about their covenant at certain times on Friday and Saturday ahead of any votes.

Magus ex Tytalus
played by TBC

Thibault appears as an old man, in a monastic habit, with an almost childlike sense of joy and wonder about him. He appears to enjoy baking and cooking, and revels in the enjoyment of food. Some have pointed out that the only known magus of that name in House Tytalus is the Primus - an Archmage and, famously, a leper; this Thibault appears to be neither of those things.

Magus ex Criamon
played by TBC

Younger than his compatriot Thibault but of a similar ascetic demeanour, Lothair appears to be the older man's helper, aide or, if one were cynical, watcher or keeper. A smooth talker with an occasional twinkle of mischief in his eye, Lothair makes most of the running for his covenant when it comes to negotiations. The two together look like nothing so much as a pair of itinerant Franciscans. It is hard to tell beneath monastic robes, but Lothair has no obvious Criamon tattoos on his visible flesh.

Covenant Martha
Maga ex Jerbiton
played by Helly Dabill

Covenant Martha has not given a Hermetic name, and seems to be referred to only by this title by her two compatriots, but she claims House Jerbiton membership. The "Martha" name is characteristic of membership of one of the Beguinages that were common along the Flanders coast in the last century, communities of women gathered together to study and pray but not under a religious rule. She has a stern demeanour and seems to be the authority figure among the three of them.

The League of Trianoma

The League of Trianoma is a geographically-disparate group of a dozen or so Bonisagus magi who either survived the fall of Durenmar, or have fled their own Tribunals' collapse to the relative safety of the Black Forest and the southern Holy Roman Empire. They may be coalescing into a covenant, but the desire of the group to make their wishes known in any election for the Primacy of their House has accelerated their progress. They have nominated two of their number to attend the first half of the Tribunal and participate in the discussions around the Primacy of their House. Whether there is anything further to their attendance here is open to question. The Praeco has extended Visitor's Aegis to them until the formal commencement of Tribunal.


Maga ex Bonisagus

Under Visitor's Aegis until the Tribunal Doors are Sealed
played by David Garwood

Elibheis, originally resident in the lands of Bohemia as an independent maga of the Rhine Tribunal, is a highly respected researcher in the traditions of non-Hermetic magic. He had been thought dead or vanished for many years, but re-emerged after the destruction of Durenmar and took on the mantle of Trianoma, travelling across the northern half of the Order, seeking out other Bonisagus magi and making arrangements with local redcaps where possible to keep in touch with them. It is known that he was one of the magi Albertus Magnus wanted to join the Alchemist's Quarter chapterhouse, but could not contact him. He seems to be the heart of the League of Trianoma, and carries the votes of two of his brethren for the Primacy election.

Karel Longstride

Magus ex Bonisagus

Under Visitor's Aegis until the Tribunal Doors are Sealed
played by Marton Vass

Always with a faraway look in his eye, Karel is famous in the House for his expeditions beyond the writ of the Order - he travelled extensively in his youth in the lands of the Finns and the Norsemen, and even, it's said, out to sea far to the west, to the ancient Viking colonies. He set off to the east in 1320, to see the lands from whence the Mongol Horde had come to devastate Europe, and has only very recently returned to find the Order a shambles. Elibheis has persuaded him to postpone his next expedition and assist her in gathering the scattered Bonisagus together. Few in the Order are his equal at magic for travelling, and every time he comes back from an expedition he hands over a vast quantity of journals, new techniques and discoveries to House Mercere.

House Flambeau

The death of the most recent Flambeau Prima at Crecy means the inevitable has finally come to pass - the House, such as it is, must choose between Jacinta and Pietro for leadership, and no matter what happens, barring a major upset, Icy North will become the new Flambeau Domus Magna, to the utter disdain of three quarters of its membership.

To formalise the matter, word was sent to all known surviving Flambeau magi to attend the pre-Tribunal session so they may conduct their deliberations and name a leader. Distressingly few have responded to the summons; those whose attendance is expected are named below. This may, in truth, be all that remains of House Flambeau.

Numen Africanus

Magus ex Flambeau

Under Visitor's Aegis until the Tribunal Doors are Sealed
played by TBC

Numen Africanus is the former apprentice of Bellator Africanus, one of the eldest surviving Flambeau who, it seems, has recently passed away. Active in the south of the Roman Tribunal and Iberia, Bellator was famed for his attacks on Moorish shipping - he stayed well out of the scandal surrounding the Shadow Flambeau, regarding it as a catastrophic distraction from the task of reasserting Christian rule in Iberia. Little for sure is known of Numen, who must have passed his gauntlet in the past five years and hails from Libya by origin, though one of my colleagues from Harco describes him as "a charmer, a poet, and a rogue". It is to his credit that in the assumed five years since his Gauntlet, he has not caused any overt trouble that has come to the Tribunal's ears.


Magum ex Flambeau

Under Visitor's Aegis until the Tribunal Doors are Sealed
played by TBC

Iapetus is in their fourth decade, formerly apprenticed to Jacinta, but master and student had a falling out over tradition, and history. Iapetus has been active in Greece and the Balkans in the last decade but not associated with any one covenant. Rumour speaks of a serious conflict in the Thebes Tribunal involving the magum and a local Quaesitor a few years ago that led to a declaration of Wizard War, since which time they have been uncharacteristically quiet. I am informed that correspondence has passed back and forth between Iapetus and Pietro in the last six months, so it would not be unreasonable to assume Iapetus's support will go in that direction.

Godemar du Fai

Magum ex Flambeau

Under Visitor's Aegis until the Tribunal Doors are Sealed
played by TBC

A Frenchman and follower of the late Prima, Godemar was present at Crecy and witnessed the death of the Prima firsthand. His eyewitness account is expected to be pored over avidly by the other magi for details of the threat the English pose and how they managed to lay low a maga of such power and skill. Godemar is a Flambeau of the Apromor tradition, and favours close combat - he is a survivor of dozens of major mundane battles and renowned for the subtlety with which he uses his magic in war. He was, until the disaster at Crecy, an advisor to the French court; with the collapse of the Normandy Tribunal, his current disposition is unknown.

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