The House Forgotten, the House of the Old Ways

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Nothing is Ever Forgotten

- This is only known because it is carven into the hearthstone of the Motherhouse of Icy North.


A woman from western Britain who claimed descent from the ancient druids and from the traditions of Merlin, and who brought the magic of small, swift charms and spells to Bonisagus – what came to be known as spontaneous magic. She also brought a profound understanding of natural magic and the powers of the land, but Bonisagus struggled to implement them effectively in his theory.

Symbol and Iconography

Lost – the immediate aftermath of the Schism War saw an effort to eliminate all representation of the House from hermetic history.

What The House Was All About

Genuinely unknown. There was a bias toward nature magic and the natural world, and the House was traditionally strong in the British Isles, Normandy and the Rhineland Tribunals, and very weak elsewhere. The House’s major stronghold in the Alps, Spear of Taranis, was destroyed in the War Against The Spider and later became Icy North, so the later events of the Schism War left the Tribunal largely untouched.

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