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Praeco - The Chair of the Tribunal

* Chairman of the Tribunal meeting
* Usually the eldest
* Has special rights and duties

The Praeco is the leader of a Tribunal, the chairman of the Tribunal Meeting, and usually, a highly respected magus. In the Greater Alps, this is Archmage Simeon, one of the last of the Bjornaer. The Praeco is traditionally the oldest magus of the Tribunal.

Given the confusion over ages and apparent ages in the Greater Alps, should the need to select a successor to Simeon arise, an unholy argument is to be expected.

The Praeco has a great deal of control over the actual process of the meeting. He sets when the sessions start and end; he decides the order of votes and how long debate is allowed; he can silence an attending magus for a vote, exclude them for a vote, or exclude them for a session; he breaks tied votes; and he calls the session to an end. He can be overruled only at the end of the Tribunal.

There will be lots more information available about the running of the Tribunal and the Praeco's powers closer to the event.

More information on each of the named magi below can be found under their entries in the Who's Who.

Quaesitor; Quaesitor Maximus; The Legal Profession

* Advocates and advisors on Hermetic Law
* Investigate breaches of the Code and advise Tribunal on punishments
* Have considerable freedom to act but must have their actions retrospectively ratified by Tribunal

A Quaesitor is a magus who is highly versed in the laws of the Order, able to give advice, investigate wrongdoing and present evidence, and act as an advocate at Tribunal. They are part investigators, part lawyers, part barristers. At Tribunal, they oversee and count votes; they act as an advisory council to the Tribunal to recommend punishments and can be asked to speak as an advocate for one accused of a crime, or one who believes themselves wronged. They do not vote at Tribunal to maintain their neutrality.

Quaesitori sometimes act on their investigations between Tribunals if they feel a crime is serious enough or leaving it unpunished is a greater danger. In such cases they must present their case to tribunal to be retrospectively ratified, and if they are deemed to have acted unlawfully, would be punished themselves.

The Quaesitori at Tribunal are Archmage Carpocrates ex Bonisagus, Mater Suspirorum ex Criamon, and Camelliard ex Jerbiton.

The Quaesitor Maximus (Ecce Montes ex Verditius) is the senior Quaesitor in the Tribunal and has some additional specific powers during the Tribunal session. He is the only magus the Praeco cannot silence.

Mercurius - The One In The Know

* The principal keeper of records and issuer of documents for the Tribunal meeting
* Also runs the Redcaps - Tribunal messengers and guides responsible for keeping covenants in touch between meetings.
* Holds a ceremonial role as High Priest of Mercury in the Tribunal's ceremonial phase

Usually the senior Mercere magus in a region; the Mercurius is responsible for the creation and distribution of all documentation ahead of the Tribunal; for collating and issuing an attendee's briefing; and for the organisation of the Tribunal itself according to the ancient traditions of the Greater Alps Tribunal. They hold a ceremonial role in the opening and closing of the Tribunal. The Mercurius is Salvestro de'Medici ex Mercere.

Notary Hermetic - The Keeper of Debts

* Keeps note of the claimed vis resources of each covenant
* Tours the resources to confirm their status and compares to claims
* Rules covenants which cannot assure the seats they claim at Tribunal as "Hermetically Vagrant"
* Holds the Tribunal's "float" of unclaimed vis, which can be used at their discretion to top up covenant accounts or reward magi in Tribunal

In the Greater Alps, each Covenant must demonstrate it can afford to sustain the magi it sends to Tribunal. To do so, it must prove to the Tribunal it has resources sufficient for one Rook fo Vis, for each chair it claims. It is the role of the Notary to keep the records of this, and to perform a pre-Tribunal site check on claimed sources of vis to ensure they are not contested or no longer valid.

As part of the preparation for Tribunal, Hawisia ex Mercere, the Notary, will issue a statement confirming or challenging each Covenant's resources. Those covenants who cannot support their chairs will be given an opportunity to demonstrate alternative resources or reclaim any lost. If they fail to do so, they may be declared Hermetically Vagrant, denied the right to vote at Tribunal and, in extreme cases, driven from the Greater Alps under threat of Wizard March. There are no places for paupers in the Alps.

Primus/Prima/Primum - The Leader of a House

* The leader of a philosophical tradition of magic within the Order of Hermes
* Has powers within their House, but none in particular at Tribunal

Casiodorus ex Jerbiton and Exeunt Omnes ex Criamon are the leaders of their respective Houses - these are titles of great honour and have specific functions within their own Houses but carry no formal additional weight at Tribunal. It is understood there may be an effort to fill the currently-vacant Primacies of Houses Flambeau and Bonisagus at Tribunal too, the latter being a post that carries with it the honorific First Magus of the Order of Hermes. The Primus of House Mercere usually attends Tribunal as an observing guest.

Hoplite - The Heavy Mob

* A magus employed by the Tribunal, or by Quaesitori, to do their dirty work
* Often specialists in violent and destructive magic

It is regrettable, but necessary, that the Tribunal occasionally requires enforcers to ensure their will is done. The Tribunal has two in post at present, both very different people, and both of their seats are paid for by Tribunal fiat rather than their covenant's resources - Archmage Pietro ex Flambeau, whose tactics are not subtle, and Nine Leaves ex Criamon, whose tactics very much are. Both, in their own ways, are sufficiently terrifying to ensure their action is seldom requried. A magus who flees justice, defies the Tribunal, refuses to co-operate with a Quaesitor, or finds themselves hermetically vagrant - these can expect a visit from the Hoplites.

Archmage - The In Crowd

* A magus who has performed a deed of note throughout the Order or their House, and...
* A magus who has trained at least one apprentice to full magus, and...
* A magus who has beaten another Archmage in that Archmage's chosen challenge, and...
* A magus to whom the fact they are known to have done all of the above by their peers is important.

An honorific title sought by those who have risen to fame and power among their peers. To become an Archmage, one must have trained an apprentice to the Gauntlet; one must have performed a deed of note among one's peers; and finally, one must approach, and defeat, an existing Archmage in their chosen challenge. Upon completion, they are welcomed into The College of Archmagi, a not-so-secret secret society. The Archmagi are more about political influence, hidden power and ancient tradition than they are magical power, and some members are at best mediocre magicians who wield power in other ways.

All Archmagi who die are buried at the Archmage's Graveyard, a catacomb in the Alps. The region has always attracted old and powerul magi, and has always had a high number of Archmagi in the Tribunal.

The Basics

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